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Meet Francesca

Herbalist, Iridologist & Naturopath

I started my studies as a biologist, graduating from the University of Bath Spa, with a First-Class Honours Degree. The interest and curiosity to learn the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying health and disease led me to concentrate on the medical aspects of biology. Alongside my passion for science, I felt the need to incorporate a more holistic view of the human being and learn how to support healing the natural way.

The three-year Herbal Medicine course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, in London, with over 500 clinical hours, allowed me to become a holistic practitioner. As a qualified herbalist and naturopath, I am committed to re-empowering the body with its innate ability to heal itself. I have trained in Western herbal medicine, gentle detoxification practices, Iridology, Western and Eastern energetic diagnosis, which offer me a range of approaches to tailor to your specific needs. I have been working at Apotheca, the lovely herbal shop and clinic, in Faversham for over three years, helping customers find natural remedies for minor ailments and offering 1-to-1 herbal and iridological consultations, to explore more thoroughly the herbal and naturopathic options available. 

The 1-to-1 consultation is an opportunity for you to talk about what is stopping you from being at your best, and for me to gather precious information about you to be able to help you be at your best! I also perform some diagnostic investigations such as pulse, tongue diagnosis and iridology. I am interested in knowing you, not just your symptoms, to be able to offer healthy and natural options towards a healthier body, mind and soul. Everyone is unique and so are herbs, so the herbalist works as a mediator between you and those herbs that will be your best allays

I have experienced the power of herbs in my own health journey. For years I suffered from recurrent colds, sinus infections and post-viral fatigue,  which debilitated me and made daily life a continuous worry and struggle. When I was introduced into the world of herbs, little did I know there was a natural alternative to successfully improving my health and wellbeing. Now that herbs have become life companions, I wish to use my expertise to guide you towards a state of wellbeing and vibrant energy.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing your happy path to health!


Why Herbal Medicine?

It can help with


The ancient traditions teach us that health starts in the gut. Increasing evidence now suggests many chronic conditions are associated with poor digestive function and an imbalanced intestinal flora. A tailored herbal formula can improve digestion by targeting symptoms like heartburn, constipation, bloating and discomfort.

Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue

In times of emotional and/or physical pressure, a bespoke herbal formula can replenish the body's vitality, calm the mind and provide  long-lasting balanced energy. The difficult times we are living have brought a lot of anxiety and worry, and herbs can be of great support to relieve emotional tension.

Immune support

Don't you agree that

'Prevention is better than cure'?

Building up immunity with tailored herbs and supplements is crucial for preventing recurrent colds and feelings of weakness. Start now to be ready for the winter months! 


Do you struggle falling asleep or do you wake up several times during the night? Do you feel rested when you wake up? These questions help the herbalist understand what herbs might be most appropriate for you. There can be many causes for sleeplessness or poor quality sleep and each herb has a specific quality and action for targeting symptoms. 

Women's Health

Herbs are incredibly powerful at

re-harmonising female hormones, at any stage of a woman's lifetime.

Herbs can relieve symptoms of PMS, menstrual irregularities, menopause, and be a supportive aid for expecting and nursing mothers.

Children's health

Children are very receptive to herbal remedies. With the herbalist's help, it is possible to safely improve complaints like colics, skin rashes, recurrent colds and coughs.


By supporting and promoting the channels of elimination, herbal and naturopathic protocols offer a gentle and safe way to cleanse the organism.


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